Maurizio Turlon is a developer of artistic-scientific ideas, interests and activities in the field of algorithmic art with a preference for generative painting.

He has always been attracted by the relationship between art and science and the ability to represent through images the complex link between a generic shape and his underlying abstract structure of physic-mathematical origin.

Born in Padua (1955), graduated in physics and fond of mathematics, he has made work experiences in information technology, expert systems and teaching. In recent years, he has devoted himself to the development of a generative software that allows to create, manage and display shapes (hyperstuctures) defined in spaces with an arbitrary number of dimensions (nD hyperspaces). He has accompanied this activity with personal research on number theory, oscillating systems, multivalue logics and cellular automata.

Over time, he gradually refined the software enriching it with the management of sound-chromatic evolutions and orienting it to become a powerful tool to create generative painting artworks and to explore a world  of sounding colours and painting notes.

Since 2011, he has begun to divulge his work in exhibitions and conferences recording interest and appreciation.

In his initial artworks, he has proposed examples of generative paintings on canvas related to hyperstructures representing hypersphere and polytopes (nD extensions of spheres and polyedra in 3D space). Subsequently, he has experimented with new media and diversified topics representing hyperstructure related to oscillating systems (oscitopes), number theory (modutopes) and multivalue logics (logitopes). More recently, he has oriented interest and production on hyperstructures generated by cellular automata (autitopes).

Thanks to the refinement of the execution and the extraordinary complexity of the shapes, he has no particular pourpose except to explore and share examples of a physic-mathematical universe that generates itself in beauty during an intriguing journey through sight, hearing and mind, where to chase curiosities, ideas, suggestions and challenges.

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